FAQ- Charters and Groups

Charter Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my own food?

Due to health and insurance reasons, we do not allow guests to bring their own food onboard.

Can I bring my own caterer?

Having extreme confidence and pride in our caterers, we feel that they can offer a menu to suit all needs and budgets. However, if you feel you prefer to use your own caterer, you may. We would require the caterer meet with a Sales Representative to tour the boat, submit a current certificate of insurance and submit menu. An additional fee will be imposed to the client for any outside catering.

Can I bring alcohol?

Alcohol can never be brought onboard. We do offer up to 3 full service cash beverage bars onboard.

Can I bring my own DJ or entertainment?

Absolutely. We do require all vendors to sign off on an outside entertainment contract and a current certificate of insurance.

Does everyone have to be over 21?

For a private charter, we do not impose age limitations. However, we do follow all USCG and NH Liquor Enforcement Laws...

Where will we cruise?

Most cruises allow enough time for us to cruise through Portsmouth Harbor and up the Piscataqua River. If you have a preference, let us know. All final decisions are ultimately up to the discretion of the Captain.

When should we arrive?

We begin boarding approximately 20 minutes prior to your departure time. Let your guests know to arrive 30 minutes prior to your event.

Is there parking available?

Limited parking is available on our dock for $5 per car. Metered parking is available throughout Portsmouth or additional parking can be found at the Hanover parking garage.

Can I run a slideshow?

Absolutely. We have a large 42"plasma on the main deck. You can play aDVD with our DVD player or attach your laptop and run a slideshow throughout your event.

Can I bring large cooler?

Although you are able to bring your own bagged lunches and snacks on board for your day tour, we do not allow large coolers. We do offer an a-la-cart snackbar onboard.

Can I bring a bottle of wine to picnic on the island?

We do not allow guests to bring alcohol onboard. You may purchase beverages at one of our full service beverage bars. However, all alcohol must remain on the vessel.

Large Group Frequently Asked Questions

Are discounts available on all cruises?

Discounts are available on sightseeing cruises only and some of our Weekend Party Ships.

Can my group pay separately once we arrive?

No. In order to receive the group discount, you must pay in one lump payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard, cash and local personal check. If you are apart of a large group paying individually, everyone can purchase their tickets online up to the day of the cruise, but be careful as some cruises do sell out!

Is there parking for the bus?

We do offer a limited amount of parking in our lot for $5 per car. Additional parking can be found at the conveniently located Hanover Street parking garage 2 blocks up from our parking lot.

Can I have catering?

Catering is available with the purchase of our V.I.P. Fantail Deck. You may choose from an existing menu or work directly with our caterers to customize a menu.

Deck Rental Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between the fantail and main deck rental?

The fantail deck is a covered open-air deck with outdoor seating overlooking the water. This area is the most private of the deck rentals and tends to be a bit quieter on the party ships, allowing guests to chat and enjoy the scenery. The main deck rental is an interior cabin located on the main deck opposite the snack bar. This area is quite close to the band on the party ships. If your group loves dancing, this is the spot for you!

Can I go on the top deck?

Deck rentals allow you and your guests with a semi-private area. You are not limited to this area and are welcome to move about the vessel.